Eclectic is a word often used to describe music that is challenging to classify, but "eclectic" is a lukewarm word and Telic is nothing if not fiery, strong, and full of surprises. Hailing from the varied and rich music scene of Asheville, North Carolina, Telic is a brash, energetic representative of the town's creative mileau. In a word Telic is dynamic - a very creative metal band that is moving, epic, listenable, and bursting with power. The band recently added a new bass player. The new lineup has been hard at work writing new material and transforming previously written songs. The new songs are intricately layered, combining ferocious vocals, blazing guitar licks, thundering bass, and powerful drumming back to back with haunting melodies and vocal harmonies. Telic demonstrates a richness and complexity of musicianship that is uncommon, and is both a progressive and mature example of the metal genre at its best. 


Saturday March 30th at the Orange Peel in downtown Asheville with our friends Burnstitch and Lifecurse. Were on at 8pm sharp, so get there early!!



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